Big [B]Other

Big [B]Other: arte y narrativa digital.

Big [B]Other es un reality show basado en texto y concebido como un blog comunitario en español e inglés, en el que Fran Ilich y otros 12 innovadores reaccionan con talento y creatividad ante fenómenos de alta manipulación narrativa como Gran Hermano, Survivor y similares.

Como parte de la muestra How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age promovida por el Walker Art Center de Minneapolis, Big [B]Other estará en marcha hasta el 1 de Marzo.

Los ilustres perpetradores de esta refrescante propuesta (y aquí doy otro paso hacia el bilingüismo de este blog) son:

Fran Ilich: Raised in Tijuana, Mexico, Ilich is a filmmaker, novelist, screenwriter, new media artist, border activist, and organizer. Ilich serves as the general director of Cinematik, the 1st cyber-culture festival in Latin America, as well as the editor at large of Sputnik Digital Culture, an online daily news service and monthly print magazine.

Eduardo Arcos is an Ecuadorian living in Mexico City. He is the media director of Noiselab, and one of the best known webloggers writing in spanish.

Teresa Arozena lives in Tenerife on the Canary Islands. She works mainly with electronic culture issues and photography.

Tony DuShane lives in San Francisco where he is a writer, radio show host, film festival director and jumps around at local punk bars.

Cindy Gabriela Flores is a is a cyberfeminist living in Mexico City. She currently works at an NGO dealing with youth sexuality issues.

Jeroen Goulooze lives in Groninger, in the Netherlands. He used to be a squatter many years ago, and now works on new narrative schemes for interactive scenarios, and is about to release the design for a program.

Pedro Jiménez is the director of the audiovisual festival Zemos98. He studies audiovisual communication, in Sevilla, Spain.

Germán Maggiori lives in Buenos Aires. He is both a dentist and a university teacher, he won an important award sponsored by Editorial Alfaguara with his novel Entre Hombres.

Osfavelados, aka Jose Perez de Lama lives in Seville, Spain. He is a teacher and architect specializing in hackitecture and zapatismo.

Pacho lives in Mexico City. He is the drummer of la Maldita Vecindad, one of the best know rock bands in M?xico since the early 90s. He is also a columnist of alternative culture for the Reforma newspaper.

DJ Pod lives in San Francisco where he works re-assembling world music into a tactical media / culture jamming form he calls “Pan Optic Radio.”

Luis Humberto Rosales (aka cybercholito) lives in Tijuana, where he works as a medical doctor. He was the founder of Indymedia Tijuana and is part of the Borderhack collective.

Tatiana Wells is from Rio de Janeiro. She works and plays on the Web. She is organizing a Tactical Media Lab in Brazil.


Big [B]Other

How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age

Walker Art Center de Minneapolis